Activated carbon



Biokol KB delivers activated carbons for energy,
agriculture, separation and storage of gases.

Biokol KB engage with affilated suppliers of 
various streams of biowaste suitable for
hydrothermal processing. Examples of raw
materials are soft and wet biomass from
breweries, ethanol and biogas factories, suger factories,
farms and municipal wast water treatment plants,
algea and seagras. 




Products are available for following applications:   



-pellets for heating.

-Fisher Tropsch process.

-Direct Carbon Fuel Cells.





High water retaining capacity.

Fixation and slow release of nutrients.  

CO2 off-set.


CCS, Carbon Capture and Storage.

Cost efficient adsorbents for separation of CO2 from flue gase. 



Storage of biogas in activated carbon (ANG).


Affilated partners.  

A. Local production.

Biokol establish partnerships with local producers of biowaste. Contact us if you have >1000 tons per annum of renewable biowaste. 

B. Branding partners.

Biokol produces generic and customized activated carbons as white label. Branding partners sell the products to end customers.

Contact us for applications.