The process

Hydrothermal carbonization is an exothermic and catalytic supported dehydrofication process of starch and carbohydrates into carbonaceous materials. The final products are in the same category as lignit and can prompt be used as fuel or postprocessed for agricultural and industrial applications. The process is almost 100%  carbon efficient and thus retaining nearly all carbon atoms from the raw material in the final product. Significant amounts of climate gases like methan and carbondioxide is therefore not released during the process. The process can be designed for continous operations suitable for large scale applications suitable for more than 10 000 tons input of raw materials p.a. and semi-batch operations suitable for 2 -10 000 tons raw material input p.a. The process operates at moderate pressure and temperatures. Capture and reuse of released heat is important issues in the design. The excess of heat can be used for varming of buildings. The basic princip of the process is quite simple and illustrated as below.