Products & Services

Biokol develops functionalized materials and services

Engineering services

Together with customer specify functional specifications and technical design for industrial solution. Engineering, manufacturing and installation of the equipment. Service and maintenance and supply of adsorbents and consumables.

Regeneration of used adsorbents.

Magnetic activated carbon

Magnetic activated carbon is an innovative material with nano sized magnetic particles embedded within a carbonaceous structure. The material has high surface area, surface functional groups, high pore volume, strong super paramagnetic properties. The material is made from renewable biomass resources. Patented world-wide.

Electrode materials

Electrode material for supercapacitors and batteries. High surface area and pore volume, high electric conductivity. Surface functional groups. The material is made from renewable biomass resources.

Biokol is partner in NAIMA project for next generation of batteries. Our role is together with partners evaluate abundant available renewable precursor materials and processes for making hard carbon. 


Biokol has developed functionalized carbonacous materials for many different applications like

-cleaning of drinking water and industrial from micropollutants like pharmaceuticals and PFAS and toxic minerals.

-separation of goldcyanide from leachate – zero loss of gold.

-storage of methane, ANG. 

-separation of CO2 from flue gas

-electrode material for supercapacitors

Water purification

Biokol have a wide varieties of solutions for purifying water.
Fantastic solutions!

Metal recovery

Applied solutions for recovering valuable metals from process streams.

Energy storage

Supercapacitors! Made from carbon materials.
For example hydrothermal carbonization of sugars.


Biokol has participated in several domestic and international projects and collaborated with research institutions, universities and companies.