Functionalized Carbons


Hydrothermal Carbonization of Biomass

Biokol KB develops generic, customized and functionalized carbons for applications like:


- Energy   

- Cleaning of water and air 

- Separation and storage of gases

- Functionalized fertilizers, "Terra Preta" 


Biokol KB assists companies, farmers and municipalities to upgrade soft and wet raw materials into valuable products. Examples of raw materials are municipal sludge, agriculture residues and residues frm ethanol and biogas production, algeas and seagras.   


Biokol KB is an industrial partner to Berzeli Center Exselent at Stockholm University. Our research is focused on porous carbonaceous materials suitable for separation of CO2 from flue gases and storage of methan.   



Renewable Oils


Fuel production from waste and biomass material

Energy costs are rising concurrently with shrinking global oil and gas reserves. Economically and environmentally sustainable energy solutions are becoming more important than ever.

Bionic Group has developed an innovative and efficient method for production of renewable diesel oils and coal. The micro refinery concept enables local production of energy products using waste as raw materials with a good profit and environmental benefits

Biokol KB represents Bionic Group in the Scandinavian market.