You can see in the world map below where Biokol have patent.


See below for list of relevant publications.

  • ChemSusChem 2014,7, 875-882, “Iron nanoparticles embedded in activated carbons prepared from Hydrothermal treated waste biomass”, Wenming Hao, Eva Björkman, Yifeng Yun, Malte Lilliestråle, Niklas Hedin.
  • WIIF Award Certificate, Silver medal, for the invention “Biokol” at 2nd World Invention and Innovation Forum, Foshan, China, November 23-25, 2017.
  • Commercial Product: Magnetic activated carbon. Embedded nanosized superparamagnetic particles. Tailored Surface area and porosity for e.g. uptake of molecules and micro-pollutants from liquids.
  • WO 2014/027953 A1. Patent approved in China, US, India and pending in EPO.
  • “Optimization of activated carbons for Supercapacitors from hydrothermal carbonizaed sugars”, Kian Keat Lee, Wenming Hao, Eva Björkman, Anna m. Andersson, Niklas Hedin.
  • Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry Arrhenius laboratory Stockholm University, Biokol AB Stockholm, Department of Chemistry -Ångström Laboratory Uppsala University, ABB Corporate Research Västerås. Conference poster 2015-08-03.
  • “Advanced Materials and Ekectric Swing Adsorption Process for CO2 Capture”,